Do Warrants Show Up on Background Checks?

If you want to do a warrant background check on yourself or somebody else it only takes a couple of minutes to do so. If you know where to search. If you do a background check, it all depends on the kind of data that you request whether or not your warrant will show up. A background check could expose a lot more information than you realize.

Warrants and Background Checks

All arrests, warrants, and convictions are considered public information as far as the courts see it. If there is a legal stipulation that prohibits a person’s background from being accessed by the public because of sensitive reasons, then a background check or court records could be hidden from view. When a warrant is issued it has to go through the court and be signed by a judge in order to be activated. This means that it will automatically be in the system. Whenever somebody does a background check from a reliable source, the data is dynamically transferred into the database and becomes visible to all. So, yes, if you are doing a background check from a reliable source, the arrest warrant will be visible immediately.

Reliable Sources

When we speak of reliable sources we are talking about public record sources that spring directly from the main source into the database. These records are official government records and are not fabricated or exaggerated. It would be greatly against the law for a servant of the government to lie about a government transaction, a court case, or a police case. Whenever you get information from a respectable source, you have to know that it is coming from a legitimate federally sanctioned courthouse.

What is a Warrant?

Whenever a law enforcement agency has enough evidence to place a suspect under arrest for committing a crime, they go in front of a judge and get permission to bring the person in and place them in custody to await trial. As soon as the person is issued a warrant for arrest, the law authorities have the green light to put handcuffs on them, read them their rights, and take them to jail. Once they have been booked on the charges, they will either get bail, get releases with a promise to go to court or sit in jail until the trial is over.

Background Check With Warrant Searches

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