Will a Criminal Record Check Show Traffic Tickets?

Any time you search up information about someone, you want to be sure you know exactly what kind of information you can expect to find. Whether you’re looking them up on a social media website or doing a simple criminal record check, it’s good to know that you’ll be able to find the information that you need, every time. Whether this is your first time or thousandth time doing this kind of search, this kind of information is crucial for your search.

The Short Answer

There is no real easy way to answer if a criminal records check will show traffic tickets because it really depends on how you’re doing the check. Some methods can pull up a lot more information than others. Because of this, it’s clear that the methods to do a criminal record check are not created equal. In the next couple of sections we’re going to look at the two main ways that people do criminal records checks and let you know if they include traffic tickets.

Using Police Records for Your Criminal Record Check

Many law enforcement agencies, specifically sheriff’s departments, and county courts provide databases that have cursory information in them. This method can potentially work out well for your criminal records search because of this, but will this method be able to show you if someone has traffic tickets?

While the information provided by these databases can vary from county to county, the answer is generally no. Traffic tickets just aren’t something they find important to have on these databases, so most counties don’t.

Another downside of this method is that there are a good number of counties that don’t make this information very easily accessible at all. It comes down to how much funding a county has. If a county doesn’t have enough funding to keep something like that up, then their database could either be inaccurate or not exist at all.

Using a Personal Background Check Service for Your Criminal Record Check

Personal background check services are a holy grail for those that want to make sure that they can easily find all of the information they need.

You can easily find things like contact information, address, criminal records, court records , arrest records, and even driving records. Traffic tickets would typically fall under driving records, so there’s a really good chance that a personal background check service would be able to find those for you.

These companies operate by accessing public records databases all over the country, then checking your query against all of the information they have access to. This happens instantly, and you’ll be able to get the results just as fast as your device can load the page.

All of the information will usually be provided on a single page, which means that reading over the information is super convenient. Personal background check services are a one-stop-shop for all of your public records needs.

Finding Traffic Ticket Information, Hassle-Free

Knowing if someone has traffic tickets can help you out a lot when deciding if you want someone to drive you around or even be in your life. You might not want to get in the car with someone who has been caught going 70 miles per hour in a school zone, and you very well might not want to be friends with someone who regularly drinks and drives.